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Since 2008 Teri Lou has been leading Palouse Photography Tours for groups and individuals from all over the world. Her passion for this region shines through as she shares classic locations and her rarely visited treasures several times throughout each year. Since the region's vast road system is often overwhelming for first time visitors, a group or private tour is the perfect solution. Teri Lou allows photographers to sit back and enjoy without having to worry about where to go for the best light at the right time.

Teri Lou standing in a wheat field in the Palouse

I would sign up again in a second!" ~Joann

Since 2008 Teri Lou has been leading Palouse Photography Tours for groups and individuals from all over the world. Her passion for this region shines through as she shares classic locations and her rarely visited treasures.


Private and Group Photo Tours

“Teri Lou is a brilliant photographer and a joy to tour with.

Her enthusiasm and knowledge of the Palouse makes

taking incredible images easy and fun.”

Dewitt Jones, retired National Geographic Photographer

Golden Harvest Grains


The farmers have a large variety of equipment to bring their golden crops of wheat, barley, peas, lentil and garbs to market. During this tour we will photograph the entire process in the fields, while riding in combines and tractors, and at visits to the storage silos and grain elevators.

Harvest is a time when farmers, hired hands and seasonal truck drivers are in full swing. This season provides photographers the opportunity to capture amazing patterns in the fields, dust billowing behind combines, and up close and personal vantage points. Along with the farm visits we will capture many other 'Palouse Treasures' along the way taking advantage of the changing light and cloud formations throughout the day.

Learn more about the August 2021 Palouse Tour >>>

beautiful skies and dusty roads

August 16th - 21st 2021

with Farm Tour and Combine Rides

sold out!

Leading Palouse Photography Tours since 2008

Creator of Palouse Photograher's Map

We will spend 3 full days from sunrise to sunset exploring the Palouse. You will not only have fabulous photographic opportunities, but you will also be able to met the locals and the farmers. We will have meals in the local eateries and have the best milkshake at a local hardware store.

During this tour we will concentrate on locations that work best for the the light as it changes during the day. In the field discussions on choosing how to best compose a scene and pre visualizing for processing will take place. The landscape is incredible this time because of the yellow mustard and canola flower that blankets the hills among the shades of green. As always the treasured red barns, old trucks and abandoned buildings will not be missed.

the classic red and weathered barns

Spring Palouse Photography Tour

with astrophotography

5 day tour $1795

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The Palouse offers dramatic photographic opportunities in every season. Therefore, Teri Lou offers private tours for individuals and groups throughout the year. Contact her via email

Each Tour is individualized. If you would like to capture red barns all day Teri Lou can guide you to them. If sweeping landscapes are your desire she has several options to chose from. If you want to pack the day with Teri Lou's Best Picks she will be happy to guide you to them.

- I look forward to meeting you on the perfect photography tour!!

Every Season, All Year Long

Private and Group Palouse Photography Tours

Individual Tours

For as little as $950 per day, Teri Lou will create a personalize schedule just for you. A private tour is 10 hours of touring time. Each tour is different, however many start at sunrise and continue until after lunch.

Group Tours

Photography Clubs from all over the USA have hired Teri Lou to tour them through the Palouse. Each tour is different depending on the desires of the group. Rates vary depending on group size and number of tour days.

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"Excellent tour, wonderful sites to see and we had a very knowledgeable tour guide, ( Teri Lou.) The scenery in the Palouse area is wonderful, the places we went to photograph were so awesome. The people we met along the way were very friendly and helpful, not to mention generous with their spaces and time. It was everything I expected and then more. Thanks a lot Teri Lou." ~Minnetta
I would sign up again in a second!" ~Joann

"Teri Lou did a stellar job of juggling everyone's wishes and expectations with the practical logistics of guiding a diverse group around a vast area for the 4 day workshop. She's so cheerful and obliging and really knows her stuff. If you really want to squeeze the max out of the hours you have and be at the right place for the time of day and weather conditions (as far as humanly possible), Teri is definitely your "go-to girl". I had a blast. ” ~Vanessa

"We had a wonderful time with you. My husband, Leon, is very happy with his photos. We appreciated your relaxed demeanor, the access to your special locations and your flexibility with mixing it up throughout the day." ~Suzette
"Teri Lou did a great job organizing the tour and picking wonderful photo opportunities." ~Don

With Teri Lou I got more than I could have ever hoped for. She is not just a guide who brings in tours once a year but comes many times a year and has done so for a lot longer than the Palouse has been the "latest photographer’s dream area" to shoot.
And Teri Lou does not just come to the Palouse. She immerses herself into the area and the people in it. I learned about the land, farming and believe it or not a ton about iPhone photography. Watch me step up my game there too. We were even able to sit down and have dinner with her good friend Rod (a farmer in the Palouse) and I was given the great luxury to meet one of the most decent, open and humble men I have ever met.
Thank you Teri. It was a most special journey and I more than gladly recommend Teri as the guide of choice for the Palouse. And I look forward to our continuing friendship." ~ Richard

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The beauty of the Palouse, seen through the eyes of several clients.

Images of the Palouse by Clients

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