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"We had a wonderful time with you. My husband, Leon, is very happy with his photos. We appreciated your relaxed demeanor, the access to your special locations and your flexibility with mixing it up throughout the day."                                                                                                                           ~Suzette
"Teri Lou did a great job organizing the tour and picking wonderful photo opportunities."                                                                                              ~Don



Private Palouse Tours
Palouse Region - Southeastern Washington and Southwestern Idaho
Every Season - All Year Long

starting at $750

Individual Tours

Teri Lou will create a personalize schedule just for you. The rate is $750 for one person or $1000 for two per day. An individual tour day is typically 10 hours, starting at sunrise and touring until just after lunch. Additional time can be added if preferred.

No matter if you are just passing through, a beginner or advanced photographer, have a specific project or job assignment; Teri Lou knows all the best places to take you.

Beginning photographers who need help with composition, lighting and seeing have improved their skills and returned home with dozens of wonderful photos. Professional photographers appreciate her vast knowledge of the area and her ability to be at the best places, at the right times.

“Teri Lou is a brilliant photographer and joy to tour with. Her enthusiasm and knowledge of the Palouse makes taking incredible images easy and fun.” - Dewitt Jones

The Palouse offers dramatic and beautiful photographic opportunities in every season.
Therefore Teri Lou offers private tours for individuals and groups throughout the year.

Each Tour is Personalized

If you would like to capture red barns all day Teri Lou can guide you to them. If sweeping landscapes are your desire she has several options to chose from. If you want to pack the day with Teri Lou's Best Picks she will be happy to guide you to them. Want to bring several cameras? Great! Teri Lou loves diversity and technology.

What to expect:

  • A tour individualized to your requirements, wishes and photographic skill.
  • 10 hours per day of guided tour time.
  • A personalized map of the location you visited on the tour.
  • The option of meeting local farmers, visiting a private family farm and
    riding in a combine (seasonal).
  • Personal photography instruction that fits your needs and requirements.

Group Tours

Photography Clubs from all over the USA and Canada have hired Teri Lou to tour them through the Palouse. Each tour is different depending on the desires of the group. Rates vary depending on group size and number of tour days.

Teri Lou enjoys guiding groups of all sizes and skill levels. She has a broad knowledge base of photographic techniques along with knowing the Palouse region better than most local famers.

Travel and Hotel Information

Your welcome letter will include information on the best hotels to stay at in and travel times from various locations. Most often visitors fly into the Spokane Airport and drive the one hour scenic route south to the heart of the Palouse region.

What is Not Included

  • Travel, lodging, meals. tip and personal expenses are not included in this tour.
  • Personal Driver - Teri Lou will not be driving but instead guiding you to the best locations and offering her expertise and stories of the region along the way. (other arrangements can be made at an additional charge.)
  • Extra touring hours beyond 10. Additional hours are negotiable.
  • Individual tours beyond two people. If more than two people are interested in a private tour, group touring prices are in effect.

Registration Form

After signing up you will receive a registration form that helps Teri Lou plan your tour.
Some of the information collected includes:

Please rate 1-12, 1 = the top choice, the types of images you want to capture.

____ Landscapes  ____ Barns  ____ Old machinery/cars  ____ Abandoned Bldg
____ Top 10 Locations  ____ Palouse Falls  ____ From Steptoe Butte
____ Farmers Working ____ People  ____ Animals  ____ Windmills  ____ Other

What camera and lenses do you plan on bringing?

How many images do you hope to capture during your tour?

Are you visiting because of a special project or assignment? If yes please provide details.

Are you planning on staying additional days after your tour? Y/N  How many?

Do you have any additional questions or concerns?

Want more information on your private tour?

Send me a message