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Location:  Washington resident, however often traveling. 

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TeriLou.com is a website combining all of Teri Lou Dantzler’s personal and business passions. She loves to be artistic while on adventurers all over the world, preferably when car camping. Her excitement for iPhone Photography is contagious.


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Believe in Your Art and Vision

If I could I would take every workshop Teri Lou offer. Not only did I learn tremendously from her amazing talent, but I also came away believing in my art and vision. Since I first owned an iPhone I have been using it as one of my cameras. Now it is my camera of choice thanks to the skills I learned from Teri Lou. I love how she presented the workshop materials and the camaraderie between the other workshop participants was also a highlight for me! I can't wait to take another workshop from her!

~ Cecily Caceu

Big Possibilities Await You!

Teri Lou can teach you all things iPhoneography.  She has an amazing breadth and depth of knowledge and expertise and backs it all up with inspiring works of her own AND contagious enthusiasm.  Her online course sparked a level of excitement and amazement I didn’t expect and I am thrilled to be a part of her learning and creative community.  Teri Lou is a master willing to share her knowledge with all who want to learn this truly exciting new art form.  Don’t wait another minute...big possibilities await you!

~ Nancy Bardos

“My goal is to teach and inspire photographers to artistically use iOS devices and applications to express their unique creative vision through exploration and play.” -Teri Lou




If you have no time to sign up for a multi-week course or weekend workshop but want to expand your iPhone photography knowledge and creativity, you can choose to watch a $.99 video tutorial. These video tutorials will cover camera set-up, editing tips, step by step workflows and more. Click below to find out how to get 3 FREE video tutorials!



Online iPhone Photography courses are a great way to learn at your own pace.  iPhoneography 101 is for beginners who want to know the basics of iPhone photography. iCreativity is for photographers who are desiring to learn more about editing. iArtist is for students who want to indulge in a personal journey through creative imagery.

                             , the Artistic Adventurer, takes photographs with only her iPhone as she travels the world, sometimes solo and mostly while sleeping in her car. She is passionate about and well known for her creative processing with iOS apps on both the iPhone and iPad. Throughout the USA she inspires and encourages others to find their unique vision by teaching online iPhoneography classes, speaking at presentations about her solo travels and instructing her step-by-step workflows at 3-5 day photography workshops.

In the spring and summer months, since 2010, you will find Teri Lou adventuring in the Palouse region of the Pacific Northwest leading photographers from all over the world in several multi-day group and private tours. She is excited to visit this ‘American Tuscany’ countryside where friendly families still own all of the farmland and she exclaims is, “Where my heart sings.” 



Teri Lou passionately demonstrates step-by step iOS workflows and encourages variations of artistic play at workshops and presentations around the USA. Photographers wanting to learn how to take and edit better iPhone photos can benefit greatly at these events.Her goal is to assist each student through process, persistence and play. 

Learn How to Take Great iPhone Photos

and Find Your Unique Creative Vision.” 



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