Walking the Neighborhoods of

"Keeping it Weird" Portland

Portland Street Photography

Thoughts from Phillip Ziegler

“For me, street photography is as much about working with what's going on in my mind as it is about trying to make great photographs of people in public places. Whenever I am out there --walking, looking, shooting-- I am working with boredom, irritation, impatience, disappointment, desires, excitement, and perfectionism. All these emotions are grist for the mill on the path to becoming more awake and conscious.

In particular, I work with fear--fear of someone getting mad at me, fear of not getting one good image despite hours of walking around, even fear of not finding a parking place in a busy part of the city where I want to shoot. In this way, my iPhone is a great tool for waking up as well as a way to make amazing images."

Portland Street Photography
Portland, Oregon - July 14-16 2017

Walking the Neighborhoods of "Keeping it Weird" Portland




"Thanks so much for your instruction Teri Lou. Your knowledge, patience, enthusiasm, acceptance of ‘dumb’ questions, and personality was excellent."                                                                                            ~Susan

"This weekend was just magically wonderful. You are a fabulous teacher with both the energy and patience necessary to tackle a group like us full of such disparate levels of experience and abilities."            

                                                  ~Lynda Cole


If you want to learn how to take better iPhone street photos, you won't want to miss this exciting workshop. Teri Lou and Phillip Ziegler are teaming up for an amazing 3 day workshop. Half of the day there will be classroom discussions, and the other half we will be walking and capturing the colorful neighborhood streets of 'Keep it Weird' Portland, OR.

1) During this workshop you will learn how to overcome your fears of photographing strangers and become more confident on the city streets.
2) You will discover how to best use a variety of iPhone camera apps that can capture HDR images, have manual controls such as speed, white balance, ISO and locking focal point adjustments, and even playful ones like Hipstamatic.
3) A discussion on what to look for and how to produce strong street photography images will help you continue to further build your confidence.
4) You will learn many creativity ways to edit your images on your iPhone, from basic quick techniques to advanced workflows for incredible results that will surprise you.
5) Half of the day will be spent in the classroom learning; the other half will be on the streets taking photos and applying our new knowledge with both instructors always available to help answer questions, guide you to the best spots and make composition and editing suggestions along the way.

The diversity in Portland neighborhood is grand so we will be sure to photograph several of them during this workshop.

Friday - Sunday

Classroom Discussion Highlights:

  • Overcoming your fears.
  • iPhone camera capture app discussion.
  • How to produce a strong street photography image.
  • The best basic and advanced iPhone editing workflows.
  • Capturing the diverse neighbors with instructors by your side.


Friday - Sunday 9am to 5pm

The workshop starts at 9am and ends at 5pm each day.
There will classroom time and time to walk the street of the
colorful Portland neighborhoods.

What to Bring


• iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus
Please update all apps prior to arriving.

• Charging Plugs and Cords


• iPad - While we recommend an iPad for processing because it has more
real estate to see edits better with, it is perfectly fine to come with only an iPhone.
Teri Lou processes most of her images using just the iPhone.

• Stylus - any kind

• Lenses – any that you use

• Other accessories you use or would like to share

Suggested Apps

A list of mandatory and suggested camera and editing apps will be provided approximately one week before the start of the workshop. These apps will be used during the demonstrations throughout the weekend. Please consider purchasing the required ones prior to the start of the workshop.

Deposits and Payments

The cost of the workshop is $395 per person. This is the fee for the workshop only. It doesn't include transportation, lodging or meals. Snacks will be provided during classroom time. A non-refundable deposit of $100 is due to hold your spot. Final payment is due 30 days prior to the workshop. Once the final payment is made it is non refundable unless someone fills your spot.

Please contact Teri Lou at teri@terilou.com or 509-674-8424 with any additional questions.

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Location:  Washington resident, however often traveling. 

Email contact: teri@terilou.com

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Thought of the moment:

Life is always full of challenges, seeing the goodness is sometimes difficult but always within view.

One thought about adding something about learning which camera apps work best on the streets. Thinking I would do my fear and intro to working on the streets and you would talk about the advantages and disadvantages of using the native camera and cameras that allow speed and ISO adjustments and even cameras like Hipstamatic (great for the street) and HDR apps. That would be separate from later showing them the various processing apps that are particularly great for street photography. We would give them fewer apps and more time out shooting and talking about their images—what works, what makes an image strong, how using an app or two can do amazing things to the photos.

July 14-16 2017